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Huge market: That China has over 10 million aquarium enthusiasts means a promising and attractive consumer market.

Perfect position: Guangdong Province is not only China’s largest aquarium fish breeding and trading base, but also the production center for aquarium equipment and supplies.

Global publicity: Collaborate with almost 200 domestic and overseas industry media to promote GIAS.Besides, our staff will distribute GIAS invitations on Chinese relevant exhibitions and main aquarium markets.

Superior profession: Only aquarium products can be displayed and dogs, cats and other pet products won’t be seen on GIAS 2016

Perfect activities: To promote attract more insiders and enthusiasts, GIAS will hold a series of activities like

OFFICIAL WEB SITE: http://www.fishgz.com/index.php?lang=en

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  • 1 -234 -456 -7890
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